TheatreisDigital.Market is The First Digital Theatre Marketplace in the World, it establishes a new concept of working in theatre where everyone can determine their own fees and schedules with bookable hours, virtual rehearsal rooms, shared workplaces, and very soon… live shows, and much more!

When we first worked on this idea in 2012, we were met with tons of scepticism. Click here to read all about that nice story. Now the time has come, a place like this has become a global need. It is happening!

Without radical re-thinking and re-imagining of the field there is no long-term survival for theatre professionals, so we are building Theatreis.Digital, a form of online Noah’s Ark, taking us to a world re-imagined. The world is reshaping right before our eyes, and theatre-makers need to have a say in that new form.

Theatreis.Digital has been founded by digital theatre-maker Beatriz Cabur and transmedia storyteller Belén Santa-Olalla, supported by hundreds of theatre-makers and theatre-watchers around the globe.

We need to be able to understand how everything that is happening affects us, because with that knowledge and the opportunities technology has for us, we can build a space in the digital world where we can transfer our skills and get paid for them as we would do in the world before the pandemic, even better because Theatreis.Digital is not constrained by geographical limits, our audience is global, the world is literally our stage.  So hop on, we are going to make some waves.